Upgrade or downgrade someone else’s AUSkey

With an Administrator AUSkey you can change the type of AUSkey for another user in AUSkey Manager.

You can downgrade an Administrator AUSkey to a Standard AUSkey or upgrade a Standard AUSkey to an Administrator AUSkey under Manage AUSkeys. When upgrading to an Administrator, the user will receive an email asking them to provide further identification to complete the upgrade.


A good way to ensure the security of your business information is to limit the number of Administrator AUSkeys.

End of attention

By selecting the name of the person you will be able to upgrade or downgrade them depending on the type of AUSkey they currently have.

Changing a user’s AUSkey type affects their access to online services. Visit the government agency’s website for more information about the type of AUSkey required to use their online services.

Last modified
8 Dec 2015