Approve, manage or cancel someone else’s AUSkey

If you have an Administrator AUSkey you can manage and cancel AUSkeys held by other users for the same Australian business number (ABN) in AUSkey Manager.

  • You can use the Access Online Service box on the homepage to quickly log in to AUSkey Manager.

Manage or cancel AUSkeys

Under Manage AUSkeys – Standard/Administrators there is a list of all AUSkey users for your business. By selecting the name of a user you can:

  • update their details  
    • display name
    • email address – if you change their email address they will receive an email asking them to confirm the change. The email will not be updated until they confirm.
    • phone number – only for Administrator AUSkey users.
  • upgrade or downgrade their AUSkey - Administrator or Standard
  • cancel their AUSkey – this will cancel all of their AUSkeys for the ABN, including AUSkeys on other computers or USB sticks. Cancellations cannot be reversed.

Approve or reject pending applications

You can approve or reject a person’s request for an AUSkey under Manage AUSkeys - Pending Applications.

Approved users will receive an email with instructions on how to set up their AUSkey. People being refused an AUSkey will receive an email stating that their request was declined.

When someone with an AUSkey leaves the organisation

When a staff member with a Standard AUSkey leaves, you are required to delete their profile. You can do this using your Administrator AUSkey in Access Manager.

If the person who has left had an Administrator AUSkey, you need to call the AUSkey helpline 1300 AUSKEY (1300 287 539) as soon as possible. You will be required to establish your identity as an eligible associate of the business entity.

AUSkey Manager

Last modified
8 Dec 2015