Cancel your AUSkey

If you no longer need to use your AUSkey you should cancel it in AUSkey Manager under Cancel My AUSkey.

Did you know

You can use the Access Online Service box on the homepage to quickly log in to AUSkey Manager

End of did you know

You should cancel your AUSkey when you:

  • no longer work for the business your AUSkey is linked to
  • no longer need your AUSkey because your role has changed
  • think someone else may have access to it.

When you cancel an AUSkey any AUSkeys you have on other computers or USB sticks for the same Australian business number (ABN) will be cancelled. You will no longer be able to use them to log in to government online services.

An Administrator AUSkey user for your business can also cancel your AUSkey.

To cancel an AUSkey linked to another ABN you will need to log in to AUSkey Manager with that AUSkey and repeat the process described above.

If you have more than one AUSkey you can also delete a cancelled or expired AUSkey from your computer.

AUSkey Manager

Last modified
8 Dec 2015