Device AUSkey

A Device AUSkey identifies a business rather than a person. It is usually installed on a server. With the exception of the nominated custodian for the Device AUSkey, users do not have to obtain their own AUSkey.

For example, a Device AUSkey can suit your business if you need to lodge reports to government agencies through Standard Business Reporting (SBR)-enabled software.

You should talk to your IT Administrator and SBR-enabled software provider before registering for a Device AUSkey to confirm it is suitable for your environment.

Registering for a Device AUSkey

If you have an Administrator AUSkey you can register for a Device AUSkey in AUSkey Manager under Register for Device AUSkey.

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You can use the Access Online Service box on the homepage to quickly log in to AUSkey Manager.

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To register for a Device AUSkey you will need to:

  • enter a Device name – to help you manage your Device AUSkey you should enter the IP address or name of the server where it will be installed. '(for example'.
  • select a custodian - the custodian is in charge of installing the AUSkey and is the main contact for the Device AUSkey. The custodian can be yourself or any AUSkey user for your business. We recommend the custodian to be the same person who manages your business information technologies.

Once you submit your application the custodian will receive an email containing a link to download and install the Device AUSkey.

Setting up a Device AUSkey

If you are the custodian you will receive an email with a link to download and install the Device AUSkey.

A Device AUSkey can be installed:

  • directly onto a server that is connected to the internet
  • on a computer and later transferred to the appropriate server.

To integrate the Device AUSkey with your SBR-enabled software, we recommend reading your software manual or contacting the provider.


If you forget the password for the Device AUSkey you will have to register for a new one.

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Renewing your Device AUSkey

If your SBR-enabled software or server doesn’t support automatic renewal your Device AUSkey will expire after two years. If you are unsure, an Administrator AUSkey user should register for a new Device AUSkey within two years.

Managing or cancelling a Device AUSkey

Administrator AUSkey users

With an Administrator AUSkey you can manage or cancel any Device AUSkey for the business in AUSkey Manager under Manage AUSkeys.

Under Device you can:

  • change the custodian – the Device AUSkey will be cancelled if it stays without a custodian for more than 30 days
  • cancel the Device AUSkey.

Custodian for the Device AUSkey

If you are the custodian you can cancel a Device AUSkey in AUSkey Manager by selecting Cancel my AUSkey, then selecting Cancel a Device AUSkey.

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8 Oct 2018