Your AUSkey password

Your AUSkey is another layer of protection on top of your username and password, ensuring that only people you have given authorisation to are able to access your accounts through our online systems.

Keep your AUSkey password secure; never share AUSkey access. Each person in the business should have their own access, tailored to their role.

The AUSkey password length is now a minimum of 10 characters. This change applies to new AUSkeys or if you change your AUSkey password.

You should change your password regularly to protect your online identity and prevent others from accessing your business information.

You can change your password in AUSkey Manager under Change my password. Changing your AUSkey password will change the password for all of your AUSkeys on that computer.

You can create a strong password by using a combination of:

  • uppercase characters (for example, A-Z)
  • lowercase characters (for example, a-z)
  • numeric characters (for example, 0-9), and/or
  • special or punctuation characters (for example, #, !, $, @)

Your password is case sensitive

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To change the password of any AUSkeys you have installed on other computers or USB sticks, you will need to log in to AUSkey Manager with that AUSkey and repeat the process.

Find out more

You can use the Access Online Service box on the homepage to quickly log in to AUSkey Manager.

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Forgotten password

Your AUSkey password cannot be reset. If you cannot remember your password, go to Forgotten password and follow the instructions to create a new AUSkey.

Last modified
8 Dec 2015