Verify your eligibility for an AUSkey

Each AUSkey is linked to an Australian business number (ABN). Your business must have an ABN for you to be eligible for an AUSkey. You will need a separate AUSkey for each ABN you are associated with.

AUSkey users should be carefully selected as they will be able to act on behalf of the business.

The first AUSkey for your business

To register for the first AUSkey you need to be an eligible associate recorded on the Australian Business Register (ABR) for that ABN. You can register yourself or someone else for the first AUSkey. The first person to be registered will have an Administrator AUSkey.

Subsequent AUSkeys

After the first AUSkey is issued, there can be unlimited AUSkeys linked to that ABN. In most cases, each person wanting to use participating government online services on behalf of a business must have a separate AUSkey.

The registration process for subsequent AUSkey users depends on the type of AUSkey you need.

What type of AUSkey is right for you?

Before you register for an AUSkey, please ensure your ABN details are up-to-date by calling 139 ABN (139 226).

Last modified
8 Dec 2015