What type of AUSkey is right for you

Choosing the right type of AUSkey is important. Administrator and Standard AUSkeys have different permissions and can be used to access different participating government online services.

Visit the webpage of the online service you want to use for detailed information about what type of AUSkey is required before you register.

Administrator AUSkey

Having an Administrator AUSkey gives you access to more government online services and sensitive information about the business you represent.

An Administrator AUSkey gives you the ability to manage all AUSkeys linked to the ABN, including yours. With your Administrator AUSkey you can:

  • update or cancel all AUSkeys
  • register other Administrator or Standard AUSkey users
  • approve requests for Standard AUSkeys
  • obtain additional AUSkeys for yourself to use on other computers
  • register a Device AUSkey for your business.

If you are the first person to be registered you will automatically have an Administrator AUSkey.


A good way to ensure the security of your business information is to limit the number of Administrator AUSkeys.

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Standard AUSkey

Standard AUSkeys are sufficient for most people. Having a Standard AUSkey will give you access to most government online services.

With your Standard AUSkey you can:

  • manage your own AUSkey
  • obtain additional AUSkeys to use on other computers
  • manage a Device AUSkey if you are the Custodian.

Find out how to register.

Last modified
7 Dec 2015