Set up AUSkey on a USB stick

Having your AUSkey on a USB stick allows you to use it on multiple computers. It will only work with Windows operating systems.

Step 1 – Download the AUSkey software on your computer

Download the version of the AUSkey software below for your USB stick. We recommend you save it to your computer desktop so it's easy to find later. Don't save the file to your USB stick.


Version (EXE 81.1MB)

It's important you don't change the name of the file when saving the software.

Step 2 – Install the AUSkey software

Plug your USB stick into your computer.

Double-click on the file you have just downloaded and follow the prompts to install the software on your USB stick.

Step 3 – Activate your AUSkey

Double-click on ‘AUSkey Browser.exe’ on your USB stick. This will open the AUSkey browser.

Copy the link under ‘Install your AUSkey’ from your registration confirmation email and paste it in the address bar of the AUSkey browser (don't copy the address to your normal internet browser as this will install the AUSkey to your computer).

The link will take you to a page called ‘Install AUSkey’. Follow the prompts to activate your AUSkey.

During the activation you will be asked to:

  • enter the activation code you received at the end of your registration
  • confirm your details
  • enter a password for your AUSkey.

Step 4 – Use AUSkey from your USB stick

To use your AUSkey to log in to a government agency’s online service, plug your USB stick into the computer.

Double-click on the ‘AUSkey Browser.exe’ file on your USB stick to launch the AUSkey browser. By default, the ABR website will display.

Enter the web address of the online service you want to use in the address bar.

Find out more

Some agencies may need you to do extra steps before using their service. Visit the agency’s website for more information on their online services.

Step 5 – Log in with your AUSkey

When logging in to an agency’s online service, the ‘Authentication Service’ screen will display.

Select your AUSkey from the list and enter your password to access the service. Select continue.

Limited print functionality using AUSkey on USB stick

When using an AUSkey on a USB stick to access government online services, the ability to print documents is limited. The browser used in the USB option offers limited printer settings.

If you need support, you can contact the Technical Support area on 1300 AUSkey (287 539) and select option 4 for further assistance.

Need help with your AUSkey?

Visit our Help and Support section.

Last modified
25 Jun 2019