Set up your AUSkey on a computer

All you need to do before you can start using AUSkey is to install the software on your computer (if required) and activate your AUSkey.

Step 1 – Download and install the required software

After registering you will receive a confirmation email with a link to ‘Install your AUSkey to your computer’.

Click on the link. The link will check if you have the required software already installed on your computer. If not, it will take you to a page where you can download the right software for your browser and operating system. Once you have installed the software close your web browser and return to the registration confirmation email.


If you already have the software installed on your computer the link will take you to activate your AUSkey.

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Step 2 – Activate your AUSkey

Click on the link ‘Install your AUSkey to your computer’. This time the link will take you to a page called ‘Install AUSkey’. Follow the prompts to activate your AUSkey.

During the activation you will be asked to:

  • enter the activation code you received at the end of your registration
  • confirm your details
  • enter a password for your AUSkey.

Step 3 – Log in with your AUSkey

Now you are ready to log in to online services with your AUSkey. Some agencies may need you to complete extra steps before using their service. Visit the agency’s website for more information on their online services.

When logging in to an agency’s online service, the ‘Authentication Service’ screen will display. Select your AUSkey from the list and enter your password to access the service. Select continue.

You can also manage your AUSkey by logging in to AUSkey Manager.

Further information

Need help with your AUSkey? Visit our Help and Support section.

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Last modified
8 Dec 2015