ABR access via AURIN

Government agencies can access Australian Business Register (ABR) non-public information via the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) Workbench.

The AURIN Workbench is an online system for accessing, analysing, shaping and visualising urban research data.

ABR data can be visualised and analysed in AURIN in conjunction with thousands of multidisciplinary data sets and several analytical tools.

You can use the AURIN Workbench to access and interrogate data on:

  • health
  • education
  • transport
  • housing
  • economics
  • land use
  • demographics
  • energy and utilities.

All data is free, spatially-enabled and research-ready. You can access, analyse and visualise data in the portal or download data sets for further analysis in your own tools. You can use maps and graphs created in AURIN in your policy research papers and reports.

AURIN is federally funded by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) to provide the AURIN Workbench to Australia’s research community.

Getting access

To get access:

  1. Confirm your agency has authority to access non-public ABR data
  2. Apply for access to the AURIN Workbench
  3. Apply to access the ABR restricted data set
Last modified
9 Sep 2019