ABR access via AURIN

Government agencies can now access Australian Business Register (ABR) non-public information via the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) portal.

The AURIN portal is an online system for accessing, analysing, shaping and visualising urban research data.

ABR data can be visualised and analysed in AURIN in conjunction with over 2000 data sets and 100 analytical tools.

You can use the AURIN Portal to access and interrogate data on:

  • health
  • transport
  • housing
  • economics
  • land use
  • demographics.

All data is spatially enabled and research-ready.

Along with generic spatial and statistical analysis, the AURIN Portal includes complex tools covering areas such as:

  • walkability
  • calculating bi-partite networks
  • employment clustering.

You can download datasets for further analysis in your own tools. You can save maps created in AURIN to include in policy research papers and reports.

Getting access

Last modified
21 Sep 2016