Web service support

The ABR Service Desk supports government agencies with actioning ABR-related service requests and incidents requiring ABR action.

For all ABR-related requests or incidents, you should contact your agency's service desk first to triage all requests/incidents before raising a service request or reporting an incident to the ABR for action.

Types of requests

Service requests may include:

  • requests to unlock a service account or have an account password reset
  • non-critical issues about service accounts
  • the quality of ABR data returned
  • minor errors that are intermittent.

ABR web service requests may take up to 30 business days to resolve, depending on the nature of the request. It's the responsibility of the agency's service desk to monitor the progress of the request on behalf of the agency by liaising with the ABR service desk as required.

We will keep you informed of major incidents however you can check the response time and availability rate via the ABR Dashboard.

Reporting incidents

If you are unable to determine ABR web service availability from the ABR Dashboard, serious and critical issues should be reported to the ABR as an incident. Incidents may take up to 5 business days to resolve. It's the responsibility of the agency's service desk to monitor the progress of the incident on behalf of the agency working with the ABR service desk as required.

Web service issues

For all ABR web service requests and incidents, email GovernmentAgencySupport@ato.gov.au with the following information:

  • 'ABR web services' in the subject of the email followed by the type of correspondence, for example, 'account unlock', 'incident', etc
  • name of the related web service involved, for example, 'ABR IdentifierSearch'
  • full name of your agency
  • name and contact details of an agency contact person
  • details of the request or incident    
    • names of people/team/project involved
    • agency web service User ID (if relevant)
    • purpose/intent of the request
    • when and where the incident occurred
    • the impact to the agency's operations and their customers.


For more information about the support arrangements for ABR web services, refer to your Agency Support Guide or contact the ABR at GovernmentAgencySupport@ato.gov.au to get a copy.

Last modified
4 Apr 2018