ABR bulk data files

ABR bulk data can be downloaded from the Data Transfer Facility and incorporated into your own internal systems or accessed and utilised via a database solution used by your agency. Consultation with your internal IT area is recommended as support may be required to assist with importing, querying and managing the bulk data.

Within each of the bulk data files available for downloading, there are ten tab delimited text files. Additional information regarding the structure and meaning of each of the data file fields is available in the ABR Data Dictionary.

Data File Name

ABR Data Dictionary Reference


Start dates file


Authorised contacts


Returned mail file

sttyymmdd _ABR_Agency_Data.txt

Agency file

sttyymmdd _ABR_Associates.txt


sttyymmdd _ABR_ACNC.txt

Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) file

sttyymmdd _ABR_Businesslocation.txt

Business location


Business name

sttyymmdd _ABR_Funds.txt


sttyymmdd _ABR_Othtrdnames.txt

Other trading names file

sttyymmdd _ABR_Replacedabn.txt

Replaced ABN

sttyymmdd _ABR Entity Mapping File.txt *


sttyymmdd _Summary.txt #


#sttyymmdd provides details regarding which state the extract is for and the date the bulk data file was generated eg. QLD141027. Allyymmdd refers to a national data file.

To assist you with loading the ABR bulk data files, we have provided SQL (structured query language) code to generate the data tables with the correct data structure and field headings.

To view the code click here

Each file contains a primary identifier also known as the PID (with the exceptions of the ABR Entity Mapping File.txt and the ABR Division Mapping File.txt) for linking the files as shown in the following relationship diagram below.

Agency data relationship diagram - START_RET_CONT_DIVMAP

* The ABR Entity Mapping File.txt should be linked to the xxxxx_ABR_Agency_Data.txt file using the Entity Type Code.* The ABR Division Mapping File.txt should be linked to the to the xxxxx_ABR_Agency_Data.txt file using the ANZSIC.

# The sttyymmdd_Summary.txt files is not shown in the relationship diagram above as this file in an information file only, it provides details regarding the date and time each of the .txt files were generated including the size of each of the files.

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26 May 2017