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What is ABR data?

The Australian Business Register (ABR) manages a record of business data including:

  • Business address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Industry description
  • ANZSIC code
  • Authorised contact
  • Associate details
  • Geocoded business location

Regular review and updates to ABR data maintains a high level of accuracy and integrity.

How can non-public data help your agency?

Business details in the ABR can be used for the following activities:

How can I access ABR data?

ABR data (public or non-public) is available through the following channels:

  • ABR Explorer – an online analytics tool for eligible government agencies to search, query, visualise and download ABR non-public data.
  • ABR Identifier Search – non-public data access allowing eligible agencies to view ABR data in real time.
  • ABN Lookup – publicly available data accessed via search by ABN, ACN or name, and/or ability to arrange bulk data through web service application programming interface (API) via
  • Data Transfer Facility – non-public data is available to download by eligible agencies as a national file or by each state or territory.

How do I request access to ABR data?

Check if your agency is included in the list of agencies with access to non-public data.

If not, you will need to send an email to to request access.

What is the difference between ABN Lookup web services and ABR Identifier Search?

Identifier Search retrieves public and non-public ABR data for a single entity. You can choose current data or both, current and historical data for the record you are searching.. The search parameters available are ABN, ACN and ARBN.

ABN Lookup retrieves only public data searched by ABN, ACN and/or Business/Entity name.

How do I access ABR Identifier Search?

Access is via with a username and password.

How do I report an incident within ABR Identifier Search service?

Refer to the Web service support page.

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4 Feb 2020