Frequently asked questions

What is ABR data?

The Australian Business Register (ABR) manages a record of business data, including:

  • addresses
  • industry
  • contact details of businesses with an Australian business number (ABN).

ABR data is reviewed and updated to maintain a high level of accuracy and integrity.

Where can I use ABR data?

Business details in the ABR have been used for the following activities:

How can I access ABR data?

ABR data (public or non-public) is available through the following channels:

  • ABR Explorer – non-public data accessed through a website tool allowing individual users to filter, query, view data and to prepare, save, export and share reports.
  • ABR Identifier Search – non-public data access allowing agencies to view ABR data in real time.
  • ABN Lookup – publicly available data accessed via search by ABN, ACN or name, and/or ability to arrange bulk data through web service API via
  • Data Transfer Facility – non-public data available in data files per state or at national level. Agencies need to download bulk data files and have the technology to query data and prepare reports.

How do I request access to ABR data?

First check the list of agencies with access to non-public data to see if your agency is included.

If not, you will need to send an email to to request access.

What is the difference between ABN Lookup web services and ABR Identifier Search?

Identifier Search retrieves public and non-public ABR data for a single entity. The service retrieves either the current data in the ABR record or retrieves both current and historical data. The search parameters available are ABN, ACN and ARBN.

ABN Lookup retrieves only public data and this can be searched by ABN, ACN and/or Business/Entity name.

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I have an AUSKey, can I use it to authenticate with the ABR Identifier Search?

No – Identifier Search only allows authenticating via SOAP with a username and password.

How do I report an incident within ABR Identifier Search service?

Refer to the Web service support page.

Last modified
28 Nov 2019