Access government online services using AUSkey

AUSkey is a secure login that identifies you when you use participating government online services.

To obtain an AUSkey you must first determine if there is an Administrator AUSkey user in your agency. To find out if your agency already has Administrator AUSkey users, ask your finance or human resource areas. They may already be using AUSkeys for tax purposes.

If there is an Administrator AUSkey user for your agency

Ask an Administrator AUSkey user to log in to AUSkey Manager and register you for an AUSkey. They can register you for an Administrator or Standard AUSkey depending on the type of AUSkey you need.

If there isn’t an Administrator AUSkey user for your agency or if you are unsure

Only an authorised contact of the agency’s Australian business number (ABN) can register for an Administrator AUSkey by submitting their details through the online registration.

They can obtain an AUSkey for themselves or register someone else. To complete the registration process they will be asked to call 1300 AUSkey (1300 287 539).

Before you register for an AUSkey, please ensure your ABN details are up-to-date by calling 139 ABN (139 226).

Read more about AUSkey.

Last modified
20 Jan 2017