About AUSkey

AUSkey is a whole-of-government authentication solution that makes dealing with government easier for business. AUSkey benefits business. AUSkey gives secure access to participating government online services with a single login and password. The Australian Business Register and the Department of Industry jointly provide AUSkey support services.

What is AUSkey?

AUSkey is a secure login that identifies an individual operating on behalf of a business when using government online services.

Alternatively, you can use Manage ABN Connections and access government online services using your myGov login details.

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How is AUSkey used?

AUSkey is used to access portals or web services. It can access business-to-government (B2G) and government‑to-government (G2G) online services. Agencies use AUSkey as a method to authenticate clients accessing their online services.

Benefits of using AUSkey as your authentication solution

  • AUSkey agencies have access to a whole‑of‑government infrastructure. Agencies don’t need to build or maintain individual authentication infrastructure, meaning minimal investment.
  • Agencies can offer secure, easy-to-use online services to business clients.
  • We provide design and implementation support to agencies during and after the implementation process.
  • Registration and technical support for setting up AUSkeys is available to all clients.

Benefits for business clients accessing government online services

  • AUSkey is free and the registration can be completed online.
  • AUSkey offers flexible installation options and can be stored on a laptop, PC or USB.
  • AUSkey offers access to a range of government online services.
  • There is an online facility called AUSkey Manager to help clients manage their AUSkeys.
  • AUSkeys automatically renew if they are used at least once every 12 months.

What you need to know once you become an AUSkey agency

There are three different types of AUSkey; Administrator, Standard and Device. Permissions and access to business information and online services can depend on what type of AUSkey is given.

Access and permissions are determined by your agency during the design and implementation process. As part of this process you will implement the specific access management controls required for AUSkey holders to access your online services.

The webpage for your online service must detail what type of AUSkey is required to access your online service.

Who can get AUSkey?

AUSkeys are available to businesses with an Australian business number (ABN). To register the first Administrator AUSkey, an individual must be currently listed on the Australian Business Register as an eligible associate of the ABN. To be successful they must pass the online identity check.

Once the business has an Administrator AUSkey holder, the Administrator can then register other AUSkey holders using AUSkey Manager.

AUSkey security

AUSkeys and AUSkey passwords should not be shared. The AUSkey holder assumes responsibility for any activities undertaken by their AUSkey. We recommend that AUSkeys should not be stored in a shared key store. If individuals share the same computer they should set up their own user profile to prevent inappropriate use or access to someone else’s AUSkey.

Business is responsible for controlling who has access to their AUSkeys. If necessary they can cancel a user’s AUSkey immediately using AUSkey Manager.

Case study

AUSkey helps DVA service providers do business online

With the help of AUSkey, the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) has introduced a new portal to support Veteran's Home Care (VHC) service providers.

The user-friendly portal provides substantial benefits for DVA and its service providers through the automated and timely processing of online transactions with greater data accuracy. In its first two months the portal registered 1623 provider organisations, 850 users and processed over 140,000 claim transactions.

Leveraging the existing AUSkey authentication solution for the Booked Car Scheme, DVA has adapted its systems to allow service providers to securely access their information and perform selected transactions.

It allows them to submit bulk claims, process and review data in real time as well as manage service plans, submit claims, re-credit unused service hours and meet other reporting requirements.

Service providers have payments allocated to their account more rapidly and improvements in the accuracy of the data have resulted in more efficient home care services and ultimately, a better service to DVA clients.

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If you are interested in implementing an online service using AUSkey, you can contact us at ABREnquiries@ato.gov.au

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15 Feb 2019