ABR data aids disaster response and recovery

In the past when natural disasters occurred, many government agencies relied on local community knowledge. Now they can use Australian Business Register (ABR) data to provide valuable information about businesses in disaster-affected areas.

Providing the right data, at the right time to the right people

The ABR works with agencies at all levels of government to develop a streamlined process for the provision of ABR data when a disaster occurs. The process ensures information relating to the impacted areas is provided quickly so agencies can determine where support is needed.

Supporting all phases of disaster management using the free online tool - ABR Explorer

ABR Explorer has a specially designed dashboard that can be utilised during all stages of disaster management - planning, preparation, response and recovery. This is a free online tool developed for government agencies.

ABR also responds to immediate disaster queries and regularly reviews feedback to ensure continuous improvement in information gathering and reporting.

Geocoded data enhancing disaster responses

Geocoding greatly increases the usability of the data, allowing agencies to integrate ABR data with other data sets to make better informed decisions.

Many agencies use geocoded ABR data as part of their disaster management process and include it in standard systems and processes for all events including:

  • impact assessment
  • consequence mapping
  • hazards identification
  • resource allocation
  • planning and research
  • mapping support for bushfire, flood and other emergencies
  • modelled risk analysis linked to resource allocation
  • targeted education and assistance.

Register now to access ABR Explorer – it's free!

ABR Explorer is available to eligible government agencies who have signed the appropriate forms to access ABR information.

Case study

ABR information helps Western Australian police planning and logistics operations.

In November 2015, Western Australia police obtained business information from the ABR for planning and logistics to assist their operations during fires that impacted Esperance.

ABR information gave police the ability to:

  • assist planning in areas of high risk to identify and protect life
  • quickly identify where fuel for police vehicles was located
  • identify accommodation for police officers in the field without searching the internet
  • use listed business phone numbers to help speed up processes.
Last modified
12 Jul 2018