ABR Explorer to join the Digital Identity System

In the coming months, government agencies will notice changes to the log in process when accessing ABR Explorer using your myGovID. This is because ABR Explorer is becoming part of the wider Australian Government Digital Identity System.

These changes do not affect how you use ABR Explorer or your myGovID app. After selecting Continue with Digital Identity, select myGovID to sign in.

The Australian Government Digital Identity System is progressively being rolled out across government online services to provide additional privacy and security assurances for you. This means that when accessing ABR Explorer, the service won’t know which Digital Identity you’re using, and the Digital Identity you’re using won’t know you’re accessing ABR Explorer. Your personal information remains encrypted and secure.

If you’re not already using ABR Explorer check how you can get access. Set up your myGovID to at least a Standard identity strength to securely access ABR Explorer on behalf of your agency.

Find more information on using myGovID as your Digital Identity.

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