Scheduled site maintenance

Essential maintenance activities are scheduled regularly to ensure the stability of our systems.

Times may vary slightly so check back for further updates closer to the scheduled dates.

There may be occasions where unscheduled maintenance occurs. These times will be published on this page as soon as they are known.

Check the ABR Dashboard to view performance status of ABR services.

ABN system

Scheduled start and end times for ABN system
Scheduled start time Scheduled end time
Saturday 23 January 2021 11.30pm Sunday 24 January 2021 7.00am
Tuesday 26 January 2021 11.30pm Wednesday 27 January 2021 7.00am
Saturday 30 January 2021 11.30pm Sunday 31 January 2021 7.00am

During the times listed above you will be unable to:

  • register for an ABN, or
  • change details of existing ABNs.

Note: If table above is blank, no outages have been advised.

ABN regular maintenance

Services may be limited during maintenance hours listed below, and you may experience problems applying for an ABN or registering.

As a general guide, maintenance is performed between the hours of 12.15am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEDT) to 7.00am AEDT on Fridays and 11.30pm AEDT Saturday to 7.00am AEDT Sunday on weekends.

Regular maintenance scheduled start and end times for ABN maintenance
Scheduled start time Scheduled end time
Friday morning 12.15am Friday morning 7.00am
Saturday night 11.30pm Sunday morning 7.00am

ABR Web Services (IdentifierSearch)

Scheduled start and end times for ABR Web Services (IdentifierSearch)
Scheduled start time Scheduled end time

If table above is blank, no outages have been advised.

Data Transfer facility

For information regarding scheduled maintenance or outages relating to the Data Transfer facility; please refer to system maintenance.

ABR Explorer

Weekly maintenance window

Weekly maintenance window scheduled start and end times for ABR Explorer
Scheduled start time Scheduled end time
Thursdays 9.00pm AEDT Fridays 8.00am AEDT

Users may experience system degradation or intermittent availability during maintenance windows, depending on activities required.

Known system issues

ABN application for foreign companies

Foreign companies are unable to get an Australian business number (ABN) or apply for a GST-only registration using the Australian Business Register (ABR) application.

For assistance you will need to:

  • phone 1300 146 094 between 8.00am and 6.00pm AEDT, Monday to Friday
  • wait until you hear instructions to enter the three digit call-back code
  • enter the call-back code '118' and '#'.

We're working to resolve this issue and will advise once the online function is available.

General issues

Experiencing issues with your online application

Save your application and record the following details:

  • your application reference number
  • what the issue was
  • what screen the issue occurred on
  • date and time the issue occurred
  • your operating system and browser version.

Once you have the above details recorded, phone us for assistance.

Find out about:

ABN isn't showing on ABN Lookup

Your ABN should automatically appear on ABN Lookup on the day it becomes active.

If it doesn't, contact ABN Lookup and they will manually retrieve your details from the ABR and add them to the ABN Lookup database.

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