Communication to ABN holders

To maintain the integrity and accuracy of ABR data, we may contact you from time to time by letter, email, SMS or phone.

Our emails will:

  • never ask you for confidential details 
  • include references to our website to help you find more information. 

Reasons we may contact you

We may contact you:

  • if our records show you’ve stopped operating your business and no longer need an Australian business number (ABN)
  • where you have recently applied for an ABN and requested a back-dated start date
  • where we need to confirm your ABN details are correct
  • to confirm if you’re entitled to an ABN
  • if we need more information to process your ABN application
  • to notify you that we’ve cancelled your ABN
  • to remind you of documents you agreed to provide us
  • to notify you that your ABN application has been refused.

If you’re not sure a communication is from the ABR, contact us

We may also contact government agencies to discuss using ABR data.

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