ABN – application changes and entitlement

We continue to make changes to the Australian business number (ABN) application process to improve the balance between making it easy for your business clients to get an ABN, and ensuring only those who are entitled get one.

We’ve already streamlined information within the application and included key messages to improve your clients’ experience. We also don’t make a decision until we have all the information.

We will be contacting some clients who have been refused and are subsequently successful after multiple attempts. This contact is so we can try to identify how we can better support these applicants.

When all evidence indicates an ABN holder is no longer entitled as they are not undertaking an enterprise we will cancel their ABN. We use various approaches to achieve our decisions dependent on the situation identified and are contacting clients that reapply for their ABN so we can understand what it is they are doing so we can help them.

You can help your clients understand their ABN obligations by familiarising yourselves with the changes and ensuring your clients understand their obligations.

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