News from the Council

The Business Registry Strategic Advisory Council (BRSAC) held its final meeting on 27 November 2023 and is now closed.

Key highlights from recent meetings of the Business Registry Strategic Advisory Council are now available.

November 2023

Registrar Chris Jordan:

  • advised members that this would be the last meeting of the Business Registry Strategic Advisory Council
  • acknowledged that consultation is vital and will continue using a more targeted approach
  • confirmed that the ATO and ASIC will explore a more targeted consultative approach with stakeholders into the future
  • thanked members for their efforts, particularly during the Modernising Business Registers (MBR) project

May 2023

Deputy Registrar Karen Foat welcomed all new and existing council members to the first meeting of 2023.

Members were advised the key focus areas for ABRS continue to be:

  • delivering business registry services while supporting the Modernising Business Registers Program (MBR)
  • director ID
  • strengthening the integrity of registry systems
  • maximising the value or our registry data.

The deadline of 30 November 2022 for Corporations Act directors to obtain a director ID has now passed.  ABRS and ASIC are now focusing on help and support activities for those directors yet to apply.

Members were provided an update on the Modernising Business Registers program, with the current independent review of the program expected to be completed by 30 June 2023.

Council members reported on the challenging economic conditions currently experienced by small business operators throughout Australia.

The council was also given an update on the BRSAC Industry Working Group, and a presentation from the Department of Government Services (Victoria) on the success of the current data partnership with ABRS to underpin their government grants program.


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