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The Business Registry Strategic Advisory Council (BRSAC) held its final meeting on 27 November 2023 and is now closed.


As part of the A New Tax System (Australian Business Number) Act 1999 the Registrar of the Australian Business Register (ABR) must maintain a register and keep it in any form that the Registrar considers appropriate.

The appointment of the Commissioner of Taxation as Registrar of the Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS) under the Commonwealth Registers Act 2020 expands this scope, with the Registrar responsible for administering director identification numbers and assisting ASIC in running its registry business.

To support the Registrar in these functions the Business Registry Strategic Advisory Council was established.

The purpose of the Business Registry Strategic Advisory Council is to:

  • play a key role in influencing the strategic direction and priorities, as well as identifying risks in the delivery of the Registrar’s 2024 vision 
  • advocate and support the Registrar’s role in unlocking the register’s economic and social value for the Australian community
  • support a fairer business environment for the community, businesses and government through registry services, provision of business information and administration of director identification numbers.

The Business Registry Strategic Advisory Council makes a difference through its collaborative nature and operating in an environment of trust, empowerment and innovation.

It supports the Registrar, as the custodian of a valuable national data set of business information to:

  • build confidence in the community and assure the integrity of registry information
  • improve the client experience through creating a fairer system - making it easier for the right clients to interact with government and manage their registry obligations
  • provide access to business information
  • advocate on behalf of the Registrar to build trust within the community and maintain confidence in the Australian Business Registry Services.


  • Chair

The Deputy Registrar of the Australian Business Registry Services is the Chair of the Business Registry Strategic Advisory Council.

The Chair’s role is to ensure the Business Registry Strategic Advisory Council operates effectively and meets its purpose by:

  • drawing on the expertise of members and seeking feedback from stakeholders
  • raising risks and potential issues
  • providing guidance to ensure the registry is a trusted and a relevant data provider.


Members are expected to:

  • provide frank advice and feedback to the Registrar in relation to services based on their diverse views and experiences that builds a connected strategy to deliver on community and business needs
  • provide input and engage on ways to deliver the Registrar’s 2024 Vision
  • advocate on behalf of the Registrar and support the Registrar’s role
  • support and drive the outcomes from the Business Registry Strategic Advisory Council’s deliberations and activities
  • advise the Secretariat if they are unable to attend a meeting and who will be the alternative attending.


Responsibilities of the secretariat are to:

  • ensure the Council’s operations are effectively managed
  • support the Chair and members to enable their effective participation
  • manage administration matters relating to the Council, including arranging meetings and distributing agendas, taking and circulating key messages, and recording action items.


The Council membership reflects the broader community and comprises representatives from business, professional associations and all levels of government.


  • is at the discretion of the Chair
  • will be influenced by the experience of members to deliver on the Registrar’s 2024 Vision
  • will be reviewed after 2 years, and members may be reappointed.

Meeting requirements

Meetings will be scheduled 3 times a year, and the Chair may create working groups or subcommittees as required.

The meeting agenda and papers will be distributed one week before a meeting.

Draft key messages from the meetings will be distributed to members within 2 weeks after a meeting, with a summary published on abr.gov.au within 6 weeks of a meeting.


Members will not be paid or reimbursed by the ATO for the cost of their time spent attending meetings or attending to related issues.

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