Applying for an ABN

Log in to the tax professional's service using myGovID to apply for your client's ABN.

Ensure your client is entitled to an ABN prior to applying.

Login to Tax Professional's services using myGovID

To apply you need to be their registered agent and complete a declaration at the end of the application stating you:

  • are authorised to act on their behalf
  • have a written declaration stating the information they've provided to you is true and correct.

Note: Current information about Australian Business Register (ABR) availability can be found on the ABR Dashboard.

Processing your application

Your application will be processed faster if we can identify your client with the information you provide, such as a tax file number.

If you provide your registered agent number during the application, it will be recorded against the ABN.

A successful application

If your application is successful:

  • you'll receive your client's 11-digit ABN immediately
  • you should print or save the confirmation of your client's ABN and their ABN details
  • you can immediately apply for other business registrations, such as GST
  • your client's details will be added to the ABR. It's then their responsibility to keep their details up to date.

If you receive a reference number it may mean that we need to check some details in the application or more information is needed. We aim to review the application within 20 business days and contact you if further information is needed.

If the application is processed successfully after our review, a letter confirming your client's ABN and ABN details will be sent within 14 days.

An unsuccessful application

If your application is unsuccessful, you'll receive a refusal number. You'll also receive a letter within 14 days confirming that your application has been refused, the reasons for the refusal and the options available you, which include your client's review rights.

It's important to remember that not everyone is entitled to an ABN.

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Last modified
05 Jan 2021