Paper copies of ABN details

ABN confirmation advice

Australian business number (ABN) confirmation advice is available immediately if your online ABN application is successful. It includes public and non-public details, such as:

  • postal address
  • business address
  • email address
  • Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) industry code
  • associate name/s and position – if applicable.

At any time after you register for an ABN you can contact us to request a copy. If the ABN is active, the copy will display updated details and will be sent to the postal address listed on the ABR within 14 business days.

Certified extract of your ABN details

You can request a certified extract of your ABN details if your contact details are recorded on the ABR. This extract can include public and non-public information. To request an extract, write to us and include:

  • the relevant ABN
  • your contact details
  • the address for delivery as listed on the ABR.

Note: The ABN extract will be sent within 20 business days.

Your request won't be processed if:

  • we can't confirm the identity and authority of the person requesting the extract
  • the information provided is incorrect.

Certified copy of someone else’s public ABN details

To request a certified copy of an entity's public ABN details for legal purposes, write to us and include all relevant details regarding your request.

A one-page standard certified extract of the publicly available information on ABN Lookup will be sent.

Last modified
21 Feb 2019