Update your ABN details

It's your responsibility to maintain your Australian business number (ABN) details.

You must update your details within 28 days of becoming aware of changes.

Updating your ABN details will ensure:

  • the right people have the right permissions to act on behalf of a business
  • government agencies have current information – for example, if emergency services need to contact businesses during natural disasters
  • you are ready for new government services when they become available.

How to update ABN details

The fastest way to update your details is online using myGovID. Link your myGovID to your ABN using Relationship Authorisation Manager.

All changes made to your ABN online will take effect immediately.

Update your ABN

What can't be updated

You can't update:

  • business names
  • legal names for individuals and sole traders who need to contact the ATO directly
  • legal names for companies registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

Name changes made by the ATO and ASIC will update the ABR.

Note: if you're unable to update your ABN details using the above link, you can contact us or lodge a form by mail.

Last modified
28 Mar 2020