Request non-disclosure of ABN details

Keeping information private

You can request certain ABN details are not disclosed if you feel you or your family are endangered by having them public.

Your details may not be disclosed if the registrar of the ABR determines it's not in the public interest to have it published, for example if your entity’s legal name may be offensive to others.

If a request for non-disclosure is successful, the following details will not be made public:

  • legal name
  • trading name
  • business name
  • entity type
  • postcode.

Gender reassignment

If you've had a gender reassignment, you can have your historical name records withheld from ABN Lookup and

Business location details

Details of specific business premises may be withheld if there is a risk to the safety of individuals as a result of disclosure, for example, a women’s refuge.

How to make a request

To request withholding of your details, you (or your authorised contact) can write to us with a statutory declaration explaining the reasons. You will need to provide:

  • a relevant ABN
  • the legal name of the entity
  • your postal address
  • a contact number and name of person requesting the suppression
  • an explanation of why you are requesting information not be disclosed.

Supporting information is required, and may include a:

  • statutory declaration explaining why you don't want your name disclosed, in the case of gender reassignment
  • court order
  • copy of a police report
  • copy of a letter from the Australian Electoral Commission showing you have a silent elector status
  • copy of a phone bill showing you have a silent number.

In most cases, you'll receive a letter advising you of the outcome of your application within 20 business days.

Your request may be refused if insufficient evidence is provided.

You may lodge an objection if you disagree with the decision.

Last modified
16 Jul 2018