Associates file

Data file for associates details

Field desription

Field name

Data type

ABR bulk data file information

SBR definition

Primary Identifier



Unique identifier for linking the ABR bulk data files (primary key)

A string of alphanumeric characters generated by the Government Agency, used to uniquely identify the Business Document contained in the exchanged message. It should be a business identifier that would be understood by the Government Agency involved in the message exchange, not a message envelope level GUID.

Associate Relationship Type



Refer to Appendix D for further information

The position or capacity that a person associated with the name occupies when performing an (official) act. For example, a director signing a report.

Associate Organisation Name



The Names of associates – for example, public officers, directors, partners or trustees associated with the entity

The full name by which an organisation is known.

Associate Name Title



Refer to Appendix B for further information

A term indicating a person's status or used as a form of address or reference.

Associate Given Name




The name given to a person that is that person's identifying name within the family group or the name by which the person is uniquely socially identified; the name borne by an individual, often assigned by his or her parents shortly after birth, as opposed to the inherited surname.

Associate Other Given Name




The middle name given to a person that complements that person's identifying name within the family group or the name by which the person is uniquely socially identified.

Associate Family Name




The person's last name or surname. The name by which a family group is identified.

Associate Suffix



Refer to Appendix C for further information

Awards, Honours or any other kind of denominations that may follow the name of the person.

# - Please Note: Field names are not contained in the ABR bulk data files downloaded from the Data Transfer Facility. The field names are provided in SQL (structured query language) code available to assist you in generating the data tables with the correct data structure and field headings.

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8 Jan 2018