Funds file

Data file for funds' details

Field description

Field name#

Data type

ABR bulk data file information

SBR definition

Primary Identifier



Unique identifier for linking the ABR bulk data files (primary key)

A string of alphanumeric characters generated by the Government Agency, used to uniquely identify the Business Document contained in the exchanged message. It should be a business identifier that would be understood by the Government Agency involved in the message exchange, not a message envelope level GUID.

Fund Name




The full name by which an organisation is known.

Role Type Code



Refer to Appendix E for further information

Describes the registration that an organisation may be required to acquire over time, in order to operate their business. Examples of these registration are: Examples of commonly used registrations: Goods and Services Tax (GST), Income Tax Exemption, GST Concessions, Deductible gift recipient (DGR), Charitable fund, Health Promotion Charity (HPC).

Fund Registration Date of Effect



The date the registration comes into effect

Date when the organisation registration becomes effective.

Fund Cancellation Date of Effect



The date the registration ceases to be effective

Date when the organisation registration becomes non effective.

# Please Note: Field names are not contained in the ABR bulk data files. The field names are provided in SQL (structured query language) code available to assist you in generating the data tables with the correct data structure and field headings.

1 Date fields are supplied in character format. You may need to change the date format to one that suits your applications.

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23 Jun 2020