ABR Explorer

ABR Explorer is an online reporting tool for government agencies to search, query, visualise and download ABR data.

ABR Explorer provides easy access to ABR information and allows you and other people in your agency to:

  • validate and identify businesses by industry type or location
  • build and analyse queries using custom search filters
  • export query data results into graphs and tables
  • conduct up to 100,000 bulk ABN searches at one time
  • visualize and overlay business locations using NationalMap.gov.au

We refresh the data weekly. Refer to the ABR Data Dictionary for definitions of data fields.

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To access ABR Explorer

Note: A person who receives protected information or protected documents in the course of official employment is an 'entrusted person'.

To access ABR Explorer:

  1. Check if your agency already has access to ABR non-public data  
    • If yes, proceed to step 2
    • If not, email abrenquiries@ato.gov.au and provide your agency contact details, your agency's ABN and agency type. We will determine your eligibility and advise the next steps.
  2. Obtain a secure online credential
  3. Log into ABR Explorer using your myGovID. One of the following three error messages may appear:          
    • You are not currently linked to a business – This error message is specific to myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). It appears if the principal authority has not linked your agency’s ABN in RAM and you have not been authorised to act on behalf of the agency online. To rectify this, contact your agency’s principal authority or authorisation administrator.
    • Contact us with your agency's ABN for assistance in accessing ABR Explorer – This error message means your agency is not registered in ABR Explorer. Send an email to us with your agency name, ABN and your contact details to enable set up.
    • You will need to email ABRenquiries@ato.gov.au to enable your account – This error message means that your previous ABR Explorer profile has been disabled. Once enabled, we will contact you.
  4. Upon successful login, the ABR Explorer welcome page appears. The ‘Self help resources' section on this page provides more information about using ABR Explorer.

Open ABR Explorer

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28 Mar 2020