ABR Explorer

ABR Explorer is an online reporting tool for government agencies to search, query, visualise and download ABR data.

Note: A person who receives protected information or protected documents in the course of official employment is referred to as an 'entrusted person'.

https://abr.govcms.gov.au/auskeyABR Explorer provides easy access to ABR information and allows you and other people in your agency to:

  • analyse and export ABR information through custom search filters
  • export search data results into graphs and tables
  • reuse and share your saved search reports
  • launch default dashboards for common data searches and reports
  • access integrated mapping feature directly linked to NationalMap.

Data is refreshed weekly. Please refer to the ABR Data Dictionary for definition of data fields.

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To access ABR Explorer

  1. Determine eligibility – check if your agency has authority to access non-public data  
    • If yes, proceed to step 2
    • If not, email abrenquiries@ato.gov.au and provide details of your agency contact details, your agency's ABN and agency type. We will determine your eligibility and advise the next steps.


  2. Obtain an AUSkey – liaise with your agency AUSkey administrator to provide you with a Standard AUSkey. If you need assistance in identifying your AUSkey administrator, please contact us.
  3. Once you have an AUSkey – log into ABR Explorer. One of the following two error messages may appear:      
    • 'Contact us with your agency's ABN for assistance in accessing ABR Explorer.' - This error message means your agency has not been registered in ABR Explorer yet. Send an email to us with your agency name, ABN and your contact details to enable set up.
    • 'You will need to get your AUSkey Administrator to email ABRenquiries@ato.gov.au to approve your access.' -  This error message means that your agency has restrictions on who may use ABR data via ABR Explorer. Your AUSkey administrator must send us an email with your name and that you are approved to access ABR Explorer.


  4. The ABR Explorer welcome page appears. The 'user information and tips' section will provide you with more information about using ABR Explorer.

Open ABR Explorer

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ABR data can be used by eligible government agencies to identify business communities under their responsibility.

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This factsheet provides information on how ABR data can assist public agencies in disaster response and recovery situations.

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24 Apr 2019