Online credentials

Your secure online credential to access government online services is myGovID.

When linked to an agency in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM), myGovID allows you to act on behalf of an agency and establishes a secure environment for online transactions.

Together, myGovID and RAM provide access to government online services that is:

  • simple
  • flexible
  • secure.

Setting up myGovID and RAM

Anyone who accesses government online services on behalf of your agency needs to set up their own myGovID.

To access government online services, your agency needs to be linked in RAM. How you do this, depends on your role.

Primary person - authorised contact

Authorised users and administrators - act on behalf of the agency.

Primary person

A primary person (type of principal authority) needs to establish the initial link to the agency in RAM. For government agencies, this is an authorised contact listed against the Australian business number (ABN) in the Australian Business Register (ABR).

If there are multiple authorised contacts for your agency, only one needs to link the ABN in RAM.

To find out how to link your agency's ABN in RAM, go to primary person.

Once linked, the authorised contact can access government online services on behalf of the agency and set up authorisations for others.

It is your agency’s responsibility to maintain the integrity of your records. This is to ensure:

  • individuals in your agency can quickly and easily identify a primary person or authorised administrator
  • the correct people have been authorised to access government online services on behalf of your agency.

Authorised users and administrators

If you’ve been authorised to act on behalf of an agency you’ll receive an authorisation request with a code via email. You have seven days to accept or reject this authorisation before the code expires.

To accept the request, you need to log into RAM with your own myGovID and enter the authorisation code. Once accepted, you will be able to access government online services on behalf of your agency.

Authorisation administrators are also able to set up authorisations for others in your agency.




Last modified
7 Jul 2020