Online credentials

You need a secure online credential to access government online services, for example:

  • myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)
  • AUSkey

Note: myGovID and RAM will replace AUSkey at the end of March 2020.

Read on for advice about implementing an online credential for your agency's online services, or obtaining an online credential to use another agency's services.

Access government online services using myGovID and RAM

Together, myGovID and RAM provide streamlined, flexible and secure access to government online services.


Link your ABN to your myGovID in RAM

The principal authority needs to link your agency in RAM before others can be authorised to access government online services on behalf of it.

For government agencies, this is an authorised contact listed against the Australian Business Number (ABN) in the Australian Business Register (ABR).

If there are multiple authorised contacts for your agency, only one needs to link the ABN in RAM.

Before you start:

  • set up your myGovID
  • check that your agency’s ABR authorised contact details are up-to-date
  • check that your agency’s AUSkey user details are correct in AUSkey Manager
  • ensure that your AUSkey users set up a myGovID – they will need this to log in to RAM and accept an authorisation to act on behalf of your agency.

How you complete the link will depend on the circumstances of your agency.  Go to Principal authority to find out what you need to do.

The ATO will be in contact with government agencies to provide tailored information and support to help with the move to myGovID and RAM.

Access government online services using AUSkey

AUSkey is a secure login that identifies you when you use participating government online services.

Your agency on the ABR lists you as an authorised contact, you can hold an Administrator AUSkey. To find out if your agency already has Administrator AUSkey users, ask your finance or human resource areas.

The Administrator AUSkey holder can use AUSkey Manager to register others for an Administrator or Standard AUSkey.

In the lead-up to the retirement of AUSkey, you can continue to use it with select government online services. There may be a period of time when you use AUSkey for some services and myGovID and RAM for others.

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10 Feb 2020