Getting emergency data

During times of disaster, government agencies often rely on information from other sources or local knowledge to assist disaster management activities.

ABR Explorer is a free online tool, developed by the Registrar of the ABR, that allows eligible government agencies to access non-public ABR data. It can be used to support all phases of disaster management.

Use ABR Explorer to access your ABR data

Note: this free online tool is only for use by eligible government agencies.

ABR data can be used to help identify businesses:

  • for the distribution of emergency communications
  • that accommodate vulnerable people, including hospitals and aged care facilities
  • who can assist with disaster recovery efforts
  • that are eligible for grants and assistance.

The Disaster response and recovery dashboard in ABR Explorer can be used during all stages of disaster management, including planning, preparation, response and recovery.

It will allow you to:

  • choose a local government area
  • view ABNs in that area, sorted by industry
  • focus your search on a specific postcode
  • list ABN details of a chosen industry in that postcode
  • use the contact or location details to plan your emergency response
  • map ABNs on the National Map to view the locality of businesses within proximity to a disaster.

To access ABR data for disaster response and recovery assistance on behalf of your agency, first check to see if your agency is eligible.

If your agency is eligible, send an email to for access to ABR Explorer.

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